Which service do I need?

To work out which service year your analyser requires you need to know the age of the analyser. The age of the analyser is located on the back of the instrument, circled in the images. Depending on the age of your analyser you may have a four or three digit date code. Four digit date codes are in the format MM/YY. Three digit date codes are in the format Y/MM.

For example, the images show December 2018 - 1218, April 2017 - 704 and March 2018 - 803. Therefore, if your anaylser has the date code of April 2017 and it is currently April 2019, it is in service year 2. 

Serial numbers starting with 01 are not applicable for the above plans. 

Alternatively if you are unable to confirm the age of your Flue Gas Analyser, please call us on 01202 656169 and ask to speak to a technician, who will assist you.